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slot machine thai rock band slot machine thai rock band BodyslamSlot Machine is a Thai band that has held steady popularity for 10 years. Slot Machine was formed by a group of high school boys competing in national music contests.

Thai rock band Slot Machine goes English, Latest Music ... Music News - After more than 15 years of hard work, the four men of Thai band Slot Machine are more than ready to take on the world. The band are releasing their first all-English... Read more at ... Thai rock band Slot Machine releases an English album ... Slot Machine has just released its first English album through Apple Music. The “Spin The World” album was released on 13 th May and features 10 tracks. With their new album out, the boys are ... Slot Machine "Renowned Thai rock band Slot Machine tours 2 countries in a massive performance!" Slot Machine , performed at "Ho Hai Yan Gong Liao Rock Festival" in Taiwan and "MTV Hyperplay Spotlight" in Singapore, during July & August 2018, exceeding expectations with many thousands of fans attending both shows.

Slot Machine are a rock band from Bangkok, Thailand consisting of Karinyawat Durongjirakan (vocals), Atirath Pintong (bass), Janevit Chanpanyawong (guitar), Settharat ...

Warmup Cafe Chaingmai and Chivas X invite to a concert night featuring the pop singer, Ink Waruntorn, and the rock band, Slot Machine. Motorhead Complete Slot Review The NetEnt Corporation decided to create a hard rock style gaming machine dedicated to the world famous Motorhead band. The slot has a similar name and is popular not only among those who prefer to listen with heavy bass guitar and powerful …

Thai rock is rock music from Thailand. Emerging in the 1980s, it became widely popular in the 1990s. It began to flourish in the 1980s with bands like Asanee-Wasan and Micro. Later, Thai rock was influenced by rock bands from the United States and United Kingdom. Thai rock bands have begun singing in the Thai language.

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